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Chattanooga Holistic Dentistry

Alani’s Chattanooga holistic dentistry considers the overall health and well-being of patients rather than just necessary dental treatments. The goal is to create a synergistic approach to achieving optimal dental health while also helping patients achieve their greater well-being objectives.

Risk Assessment

We believe that dental treatments should be approached in a way that promotes the entire body’s natural healing processes. We address this during onboarding by getting to know each new patient from a variety of perspectives:

1. Questionnaire

We go through a homecare dental questionnaire and risk assessment that gauges potential concerns for decay, periodontal disease, and more.

2. Nutritional Consultation
We also provide a nutritional consultation to understand what the daily dietary routine for the new patient looks like.
3. Personal Preferences
Then we go through a list of dental fears and anxieties. This list helps our team know what to avoid and be aware of during appointments.
4. Gum Health
Finally, tooth by tooth, we perform six-point measurements for gum health. The initial oral exam considers any warning signs for cracks, stains, and decay for each tooth.

We take all of these varying sets of information into consideration when onboarding any new patient. By taking the extra time to get to know individuals and learn about their specific circumstances, our professionals can perform a risk assessment that considers the whole person.


We also recognize the importance of nutrition in oral health. When considering patients’ diets we look into the types of food they eat, when they eat them, the quantities, the overall sugar intake, and more. Of course, limiting sugar consumption and acidic foods or drinks has a direct impact on overall dental health, but we also provide specific guidance for each patient’s specific lifestyle.

For example, if a patient has a late-night sweet tooth craving and is choosing between raisins or ice cream, we would recommend choosing ice cream. This provides the opportunity for us to explain to the patient that sticker foods like raisins can do more damage to teeth because they adhere to them for longer.


We strive to empower our patients by providing education on good habits that will lead to proper oral health and hygiene. We look for any signs of a potential dental problem so we can address it early and suggest new habits to prevent it from reoccurring. Utilizing preventative strategies through good habits can save money and ensure optimal dental health over time.

More than simply flossing and brushing, other habits could include chewing Xylitol Gum if the patient is at a high risk of decay, brushing thirty minutes after a meal as opposed to immediately, and grinding up nuts instead of eating them whole when at risk for cracking teeth. A preventative approach that builds good individual habits is beneficial in the long term, negating the need for expensive treatments down the line and reducing discomfort caused by more invasive techniques.

Biological Approach Overview

Our dentists are keenly aware of the factors that can contribute to tooth decay. With our holistic care programs, our dentists take steps to manage all these factors so that potential decay is minimized. Additionally, if a patient’s primary dentist isn’t currently providing holistic services, we can offer individual treatments for any patient interested. Prevention is just as important as treatment, and by assisting patients holistically we address health concerns before they arise.