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About Alani Smile Design

Alani Smile Design (ASD) is an innovative process for those wanting a brand new smile in as little as a month! ASD’s comprehensive approach considers the patient’s bone structure, lip position, and more in creating an end-result model that is beautiful and functional.

How ASD Works

Ready to upgrade your grin?

Then kick off the free consulting process for our Alani Smile Design system:

Step One


The process begins by taking photos and scans of your pearly whites to create a full scan.

Step Two

Review, Inspire & Design

We review these along with any previous smiles or celebrity grins you see as inspiration and begin to design your smile.

Step Three

Digital to Physical

We send the digital model to our ceramicist smile designers. In about a week, they create a shell that we can fill with crown material.

Step Four

Try on your new smile

We’ll ask you to come back to try on this mock-up and get some footage of your soon-to-be smile. We ensure they are the shape and shade you prefer.

Step Five

Treatment Plan

If the test drive is to your satisfaction, then we create a treatment plan for your approval to create the smile of your dreams.

The Plan

There will be no charge until we agree on a plan and begin treatments. Once the plan is approved there is an initial appointment for the temporary DSD placement to ensure you love the look, then a second and third (and final) appointment to make your dream smile permanent!

With lab work and scheduling considerations, treatment has an approximately three-week turnaround time. That’s only one month to build a brand-new smile!

Benefits of Alani Smile Design

Say goodbye to the guesswork and get an exclusive preview before treatments start! One of the key benefits of DSD is that it lets you see what your new smile will look like before any treatment is performed. That way, you and your Alani team can be sure you are on the same page in crafting a perfect smile. DSD can show you what your future look could be!

ASD Helps Collaboration

Alani Smile Design takes communication among our dental team to a whole new level! For example, if you require orthodontic treatment before cosmetic dental work, your orthodontist can use the digital model to plan the optimal course of treatment. Similarly, if you require dental implants, the surgeon can use the digital model to plan the optimal placement of the implant.

See the Future with Digital Smile Design

By leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies, our team creates smiles tailored to each individual patient, building every person’s perfect custom grin! Know from the start that you’ll be confident flashing those pearly whites with Alani’s Smile Design.