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If there is one time in a person’s life when a stellar smile is called for, it is the wedding day. Many of us spend years imagining how it will feel to walk down that aisle with the eyes and attention of our friends and loved ones focused squarely on us. That special day comes filled with expectations of seemingly endless smiles as we pose for wedding photos to remember the happiness of the occasion and react to moments of joy. With a new year underway, many newly engaged couples will be planning their big day. To prepare Chattanooga brides for their moment in the spotlight, Alani Dental Center offers special Bridal Packages with optional add-ons for brides, grooms, and the wedding party.

Professional Teeth Whitening Before the Wedding

Alani’s bridal packages include cosmetic dental treatments to painlessly restore an impressive white shine to teeth. According to the US Census Bureau, women nationally wait until the age of 27 to make their way to the altar (the average age is 25.2 years for first-time Tennessee brides, 25.3 in Alabama, and 25.9 in Georgia). This can mean decades of teeth being stained by plaque, smoking, eating foods like spaghetti sauce, or drinking colas, coffee, tea, or red wine. Yellow teeth do not match well with a white dress, so countering discoloration becomes important to enhancing the natural smile.

In-Office Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment

Our Aesthetic Services include using the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp in our office to accelerate the bleaching process with a hydrogen peroxide solution.

Dr. Alani performs an examination of the teeth and gums to determine whether patients can benefit from whitening procedures, as the treatment may not be as effective for some people as it is for others and will be ineffective on veneers, crowns, caps, or fillings. It’s important to let us know if your teeth are especially sensitive so we can apply a toothpaste prior to treatment to lessen sensitivity.

X-Rays and an exam at Alani Dental Center (or records supplied from previous X-rays or exams within the last 12 months) verify the patient does not have additional dental needs. Our bridal packages include a 25% discount off the cost of any treatment needed by the bride, family and friends.

Zoom is stronger than what you can buy at the store, so you should experience a significant shade bump. Brides planning all of the details leading up to their big day should allow sufficient time for teeth whitening treatments, especially if they will follow other procedures such as removing braces or Invisalign and to avoid tooth sensitivity on the actual wedding day.

The Zoom process is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. The procedure involves covering the lips and gums while leaving teeth exposed. The gel is activated by the Zoom light while the patient sits comfortably watching TV, listening to music, or relaxing for about an hour. The service usually costs $300, but bridal package add-ons are $220.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening Trays

At-home tooth care can complement the routines for skin, nails, and hair to keep them looking their most optimal. After whitening treatments, the dentists recommend regularly brushing and flossing (along with regularly scheduled teeth cleanings with the hygienist) to prevent stains from reforming. Custom-fitted whitening trays help to maintain the whitening effects of the In-Office Zoom treatment. These normally retail for $199 but it is included in our bridal packages with additional upper and lower custom whitening trays available for $150.

Diamond Polish

Diamond polishes, also included, optimize the effect of the whitening gel and should be applied at least 2-3 days before the wedding. These can remove up to 10 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush. Each Phillips Sonicare DiamondClean Kit includes a DiamondClean White toothbrush, a standard brush head, a compact brush head, a charging base and stand, travel case, two hygenic travel caps, and a USB cable and wall plug. Additional kits are available for $150 (regularly $225).

Bridal Packages include the Oral Health Wellness Package

While looking your best matters greatly, it’s even more important to improve oral health so you can actually enjoy a long life together, complete with healthy teeth and gums. Our bridal packages include this service, with additional packages available to add on for $75 (regularly $150). Basically, it includes a 20- to 30-minute appointment, dental decay and periodontal disease risk assessment, take-home diet analysis, and recommendations specific to you for evaluating the best brushing technique and efficiency. A deluxe version of this includes a periodontal pathological test and periodontal genetic test.

Don’t Forget Bad Breath Odor

You want to look great, but equally important is having good-smelling breath when you go for the big kiss or get up close and personal greeting your guests. Most people typically do not use their toothbrush to clean the back of the tongue, where most of the smelly bacteria live. Bridal Packages, therefore, include Phillips Sonicare TongueCare, including a tongue brush and a 2-oz BreathRX tongue spray that combine to reduce oral malodor up to 78%. Additional Phillips Sonicare TongueCare can be added to bridal packages for $25 (regularly $30).

Wedding Teeth: Remember Your Bridal Party

No one wants their smile to upstage the bride, but our Bridal Packages allow everyone to enhance their teeth by including up to 10 Zoom Whitening Pens. Additional pens can be added for $15/each (regularly $30). Bridesmaids and groomsmen put a lot of time and effort into being there to support the couple, so they’ll appreciate being included in efforts to achieve a picture-perfect occasion.

Chattanooga Bridal Registry for Dental Services

Managing costs matters greatly when planning a wedding, so Alani offers a bridal registry to help friends and family donate using PayPal from our website. This helps greatly since most cosmetic dentistry may not be covered by insurance.

Call our office at (423) 713-7333 to learn more about our cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic services, as well as acquiring the bridal package for yourself or a loved one getting married.

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